Hymns & More

Tesomas Hymn

High above Lake Crystal’s Waters,
In among the trees,
Flows the banner of Tesomas,
Waving in the breeze,
Hail Tesomas, Hail Tesomas,
With your Scouts so true,
With the spirit of good Scouting,
Hail, O Hail to you!

Tesomas Grace

Thank you Lord for this special place,
Where we can make new friends and old ones embrace,
A chance to share a dream, an experience too,
Lord, for Tesomas we thank you.

Akela's World Hymn

When Akela holds his council
And the campfire’s all aglow,
We will form our friendship circle
As we sing so sweet and low.
Oh Akela, brave Akela,
True and fair Cub Scouts we’ll be,
To our Promise and the Pack Law,
We will pledge our loyalty.