2009 Tesomas Scout Camp Staff 2009 Akela's World Cub Scout Camp Staff


Tesomas Mission Statement

We, the staff of Tesomas Scout Camp are deeply dedicated to providing an experience that will stay with our campers for a lifetime. Our programs are proven to provide enthusiastic leadership, set good examples, and strengthen unit cooperation. In addition, we will contribute to rank advancement and the invaluable merit badges, two vital aspects in the life of every Scout. Through these ideas, we open the door to the building of self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. Most important of all, the Tesomas staff aims to share the “Tesomas Experience” with all who venture into our woodland haven. We will strive at any cost to make camping fun for those with whom we share our home and hearts, here “Where Camping Is King!”

Akela's World Mission Statement

We, the staff of Akela’s World Cub Scout Camp, pledge to promote continued participation in the Scouting program by providing an exciting adventure that will inspire our Cub Scouts and Webelos to cross the bridge to Boy Scouting. We seek to instill the Scouting values in our campers and leaders to prepare them for the future by providing them a superior, fun Cub Scout program in Samoset Council. We are dedicated to providing a safe haven for our campers which will provide an atmosphere which serves to inspire them to “Do Their Best.”