Smiley the TentSmiley The Tent

In 1952, Walt Disney Productions was traveling in the northern region of our Council.  It is believed they were in our area to film a nature movie.  A member of Samoset Council made a request of a Disney crew member to create a character to match the Council slogan “Where Camping is King.”  From this encounter, a member of Walt Disney’s staff joined the slogan with Smiley the Tent! 

The first real use of Smiley the Tent was at the 1953 National Jamboree in California.  Based on the drawing, a large structural remake of Smiley the Tent was constructed from canvas and metal tubing as a walk-through entrance to the Samoset Council contingent.  Since then, Smiley the Tent appears on virtually all Council support materials and as an icon of our camping programs. 

The rich history and continued success of Samoset Council in North Central Wisconsin has made this icon one of the most collectible and sought after emblems in the nation.