Arrival and Departure

Check-In Process

  1. Arrive at 10:00 AM with your entire Pack or Den ready to check in. Have your health forms accessible at arrival. A staff member will greet you in the parking lot and guide you through the checkin
  2. You will receive a packet including a roster listing everyone we expected and who has paid. Review and make any necessary changes.
  3. Visit the Dining Hall for medical checks.
  4. Your group will be assigned a village. Move into your village and unpack. Please fill each tent one at a time: four youth to a large tent, two adults to a small tent (unless married, men and women cannot share a tent).
  5. Be ready for your first program at 11:45 PM.

Units have the option of bringing their own tents to stay in at camp. Contact Scott (715-490-2241 or camp@samoset.org) to take advandage of this option.

Check-Out Process

  1. Following the closing program, you will be dismissed (around 4:00 PM). Pack up your gear and pick up litter in and around your village.
  2. Designate one adult to collect patches, slideshows, advancement report, pay remaining fees, and turn in evaluations in the camp office before you leave.
  3. Sign up for Polar Cubs and Akela’s World 2017. For more information about year-round camping opportunities contact the Samoset camping department at 715-365-3111..

Scouts leaving prior to checkout must have a completed Scout release form on file (requires a parent’s signature).