Tesomas Trail Crew

Have you ever thought of being on staff? 
Don’t have the time for a full summer? 
Do you want to be of Service to Camp? 

If you will be 14 years old before June 1st, you are eligible for the Tesomas Trail Crew.   Only two weeks to choose from: July 1-7 & August 5-11.
Pack your bags, get your work gloves out, and join our Trail Crew Director Wayne Fish and the Ranger Staff for the inaugural year of the Tesomas Trail Crew Program.  Each Trail Crew will work on repairing trails, shoreline, and other projects at camp. You will also be working to develop new trails and campsites. 

Each Scout that successfully completes their week as a trail crew member will receive an $75.00 credit toward their summer camp fee at Tesomas.

Scouts will work each morning from 9:00 am until noon, when they will break for lunch. At 2:00 pm it is back to the trail until supper. During the evenings, Scouts will be free to participate in the camp evening programs. 

Trail Crew members will stay in tents provided by the camp. (Participants can bring their own tents if they choose to). The camp will provide the meals.  A special meal Friday Dinner will be prepared for all participants by the Ranger Staff.

This program will run for two weeks for the first year. Ten Scouts will be selected for each week. They will arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday. 

Those interested can apply online. Remember, there are only 10 spots open each week, so sign up now!