Hanna Winter Resort

The Hanna Winter Resort allows Troops and Crews to take advantage of the excellent facilities and winter environment around the Hanna Venture Base and Camp Tesomas. Campers will have meals prepared for them and are each given a bunk for sleeping.

Campers are on their own to do anything they want whenever they want. They may choose to play broomball, build a snow shelter, go snowshoeing, ice fish, go sledding or try their hand at our 22’ indoor climbing wall. You can also choose Project Tenderfoot or an overnight trek. Equipment for all these activities is included in the camp fee.

Optional Programs

Project Tenderfoot

This program helps new Boy Scouts complete 80% of their Tenderfoot rank and teaches them some camping basics.

Scouts can complete requirements: 3, 4a, 4b, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12a, and 12b. They should prepare by reading the requirements in the Scout handbook.

Overnight Trek

Before departing for a remote part of camp where they set up their shelter for the night campers receive instruction in shelter building and winter camping. Saturday lunch and dinner will be on the trail.

Campers should bring personal winter camping clothes but can be outfitted with sleeping bags, tarps, trail gear and cooking equipment.

This program is for the experienced Scout and units must provide adult leadership.

Registration & Fees

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Units can reserve space without assigning individual names until Dec. 15th at which time any un-named space will be released. Registration can be completed online.

The Tesomas Alumni Camping Trust has been established to assist any youth with financial need to experience camping. Applications are due December 1st.

Check In

Hanna Winter Resort check is from 7pm - 8 pm on Friday evening at the Hanna Venture Base. If you will be arriving later than this please contact the Winter Director.


In Case of Bad Weather

Sessions are typically not cancelled for bad weather as one of the goals is the zero hero award. Leaders must decide if conditions are too hazardous for travel and must contact the winter director if you will not be coming. Otherwise refunds will not be available.

What to Bring

Provided by Camp

Winter Camping Tips

Stress to all campers that cotton clothing is not appropriate for outdoor winter activities. Cotton holds moisture and your body cools quicker with wet cotton than with nothing at all. Dress in layers. Pass on this warning!

Too much physical activity can cause perspiration which creates more moisture buildup in clothing than exterior snow. Don’t over exercise. Ventilate and loosen clothing as needed. Change wet layers before they soak others. Rest for 10 minutes after every hour of activity.

Even in colder conditions your body will need fluids. Especially with higher than normal activity levels. Make sure your Scouts are drinking plenty of water.