Polar Cubs

Polar Cubs provides Cub Scouts an opportunity to go outside in cold and snowy weather and love it. Boys and their parents will be part of a “Super Den” that is led through several fun wintry activities by enthusiastic staff members.

There are also overnight options which accustom Scouts to camping. Scouts spend most of their day outside but eat meals and sleep inside. There are opportunities in the evening for sledding and a movie.

Polar Cubs is also a great way to acquaint with the camp in preparation for summer camp. A mix of great staff and outdoor adventures will make this a winter your Cub Scouts won’t forget. Every year, new activities are added along with some good old favorites. Below are the type of activities you can expect.

Registration & Fees

Registration is on a first come first served basis. Units can reserve space without assigning individual names until Dec. 15th at which time any un-named space will be released. Registration can be completed online.

The Tesomas Alumni Camping Trust has been established to assist any youth with financial need to experience camping. Applications are due December 1st.

Check In

Polar Cubs check in is at the Hanna Venture Base (or McCormick Lodge) at the times listed below. If you will be arriving later than this please contact the Winter Director.


In Case of Bad Weather

Sessions will only be cancelled in extreme conditions. If this happens the unit will be notified and encouraged to attend another sessions. No makeup sessions will be offered.

What to Bring

Day and Overnight

Overnight & Extra Stuff

Winter Camping Tips

Stress to all campers that cotton clothing is not appropriate for outdoor winter activities. Cotton holds moisture and your body cools quicker with wet cotton than with nothing at all. Dress in layers. Pass on this warning!

Too much physical activity can cause perspiration which creates more moisture buildup in clothing than exterior snow. Don’t over exercise. Ventilate and loosen clothing as needed. Change wet layers before they soak others. Rest for 10 minutes after every hour of activity.

Even in colder conditions your body will need fluids. Especially with higher than normal activity levels. Make sure your Scouts are drinking plenty of water.